Bar BAUT (Private)


‘The Bikeshop’ is what we call the private space of Bar BAUT, which can be booked exclusively for a lunch, meeting, workshop, baby shower or dinner. Perfect for groups of 20 to 40 people who want to have dinner in an intimate and attractive setting.

Bar BAUT (The Bar)


Bar BAUT (the Bar) is open every day for lunch, drinks and dinner. Dine in an informal setup or dress up your drink with good bar snacks or a walking dinner.

Bar BAUT (The Restaurant)


Bar BAUT is a spin-off of restaurant BAUT. A permanent and above all atmospheric bar where chef and owner Michiel van der Eerde presents the best of 7 years of BAUT pop-up. All dishes for which BAUT is known are back on the menu in a cozy bar setting.