Bar BAUT (The Restaurant)

  • Capaciteit:
    15-160 pax
  • Oppervlakte:
    280 m²
  • Adres:
    Stadionweg 320
    1076 PK Amsterdam
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Bar BAUT is a spin-off of restaurant BAUT. A permanent and above all atmospheric bar where chef and owner Michiel van der Eerde presents the best of 7 years of BAUT pop-up. All dishes for which BAUT is known are back on the menu in a cozy bar setting.


Groep dinner

A restaurant with capacity for large groups is not always easy to find, especially in Amsterdam. Bar BAUT offers a three or four course chef’s menu for groups. Rather not eat meat, fish or do you prefer a  vegetarian menu? No problem, we provide a suitable menu for every guest. Bar BAUT is open for lunch, drinks and dinner.

Private dinner

Bar BAUT offers an intimate private dining experience in our private dining room called The Bikeshop. A 3 or 4 course chef’s menu is served, to be supplemented with wines or other drinks. The attractive interior and great service makes Bar BAUT a place to enjoy for every target group.

Walking dinner

It doesn’t get much cozier than a walking dinner in Bar BAUT. A walking dinner is the perfect balance between a cozy drink and a tasty dinner. The restaurant can accommodate walking dinners of 100 to 160 people and is in this case completely private at your disposal.



Park your car in parking garage AH stadionplein. The first 90 minutes are free

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