Bar BAUT (Private)

  • Capaciteit:
    20 - 40 pax.
  • Oppervlakte:
    40 m²
  • Adres:
    Stadionweg 320
    1076 PK Amsterdam
    Bekijk op kaart

‘The Bikeshop’ is what we call the private space of Bar BAUT, which can be booked exclusively for a lunch, meeting, workshop, baby shower or dinner. Perfect for groups of 20 to 40 people who want to have dinner in an intimate and attractive setting.



What is discussed behind closed doors at Bar BAUT remains behind closed doors. The private space of Bar BAUT can also be booked during the day as a meeting room where you can have a meeting in peace with matching lunch arrangements.

Private dinner

A restaurant with a private dining room for large group is not always easy to find, especially in Amsterdam. Bar BAUT has a lockable space at the back of the restaurant which can be booked private. For large groups we serve a 3 or 4 course chefs menu. Rather not eat meat, fish or do you prefer a vegetarian menu? No problem, we will make sure we provide a suitable menu for every company. The Bikeshop is available for lunch and dinner.



Parking garage AH stadionplein. The first 90 minutes is free.

Pulic transport

Take public transport to the Olympic Stadium.